Timmy Graham

What is Fourth Dimensionalism?

Before I explain my creation, I will give you a brief history on me and the direction of my art. I caught a break early in my career, I starting exhibiting my work as junior in art school…..I worked with this particular gallery for a period of five years. During those five years, I stopped growing as an artist. I found myself going for the next gimmick, trying to shock and out do my contemporaries…..I was killing myself creatively and emotionally. Although I was making a pretty good living, I walked away from the commercial art world ten years ago in order to create a new bona fide scientifically proven style of art. I re-grouped, found a job teaching and began my quest.

I've always had a penchant for the math and sciences, so I decided to fuse the math and sciences with what I love the most, my art. I always wondered what makes a piece of art great….it just does not happen. There has to be a system or some type of structure to making a great work of art. I heavily investigated and studied color theory. On a constant, I studied my hero's, the Van Eyck brothers, Rembrandt, and especially the artist from the renaissance period, such as Di Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo. What I noticed is that the artist I admired and respected had structure and a method to creating their art. Knowing this, I realized in order to have structure and a method one must have a strong and solid foundation. One night I was reading the Theory of Special Relativity and I had an epiphany….the mathematics.

I consider myself a Fourth Dimensionalist. Fourth Dimensionalism is a scientific method and mathematical approach to painting. Fourth Dimensionalism is the use of actual spatial elements for the sole purpose of creating a visual image. Keep this in mind, this is very important….all colors in a spectrum when encounter by light produce its own distinct wavelength. A physicist defines a wavelength as the distance between two points….meaning all colors can be measured and have their own distinct measurements. Therefore all colors are spatial elements and distinct in their own right. As a Fourth Dimensionalist, I approach colors the way a mathematician approaches the number line, I equate colors to measured distances on the number line, from negative to positive. This is the foundation and principles of Fourth Dimensionalism.

This mathematical and scientific approach to painting allows me to create vibration and movement in my paintings….I deem this energy. In order for me to achieve this infinite quality and to truly create in the purest sense of the word ‘create', I had to base my paintings on the mathematics. Albert Einstein understood the importance of the mathematics when he wrote the Theory of Special Relativity. The Egyptians, one of the greatest and longest reigning empires known to mankind based their entire civilization on the mathematics. Today's civilization is based on the mathematics. The mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space and change. The mathematics is a matter of seeking out new patterns and formulating new conjectures.

Fourth Dimensionalism is a new approach to painting and with each painting I am growing, nurturing and refining my creation.